"Effective, advertising is about making better profits
... not wasting them".


MBS a media driven Advertising Agency with a difference

It's a jungle out there, and there are lots of Advertising Agencies, some are effective… some aren't. Many, like MBS, are full service, Accredited Agencies with up to the minute on-line research facilities. This can, and should, give you a level of comfort. But this alone doesn't necessarily mean you'll be getting the maximum media performance you're looking for … the performance you're paying for. This is where MBS can help.

Media Buying Services Ltd or MBS Advertising is a fully Accredited Advertising Agency in NZ. We are a full service agency specialising in the planning and buying of all media. Our services include, advertising and marketing strategy, creative concepts, distribution assistance, PR, point of sale, promotions, sponsorships, direct response, print production and account management.

We are a one stop shop, allowing clients and unaccredited agents the freedom to run their business while we provide the advertising and marketing strategy, all based on cost effective use of the advertising budget. We achieve this by approaching the task from a Media perspective.

First we establish a budget. Then we identify the most cost effective advertising use for that budget. Then we look at how and where we can get free added value to make the campaign stronger. Each client has a different set of needs. We learn these by taking a clear brief and then we design the individual strategy to fulfil these needs.

It works....Ask our clients. They are our ambassadors and we will happily arrange for them to speak with you

So what makes MBS different?

It's very simple. Most Advertising Agencies are creatively driven, this often means the creative concepts absorbs far too much of the clients advertising budget. Leaving less to achieve the real task at hand … Communication effectively and efficiently with the market … and building business.

At MBS we're Media driven, and many years of experience has shown us this is the right approach. By choice, we don't have the expensive overheads of a highly paid creative team. Instead, we carefully select and outsource our creative work to some of the best independent creative minds in the business. We only pay for them when we're using them. Result - creative excellence at a lower cost.

This means your budget can be put to work on effective media placement … where is counts.

Getting effective messages to your market, through the right media, at the right time, with the right frequency to achieve maximum impact with minimum investment. That's the MBS difference.

Your media spend simply works harder … and smarter


MBS Advertising Agency
T: +64 9 486 0000
F: +64 9 486 0522
E: eddie@mediabuy.co.nz
L: 4th Floor, Post Office Building, 51 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
P: PO Box 331-199, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

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